layering a window seat

Yesterday was one of those days where I packed in enough activities to fill a few days. Man, I got so much done that I am actually sore.  I planted 80 bulbs in an hour using my tried and true electric drill/auger method.  Can’t wait to see those babies bloom in the spring.   Prior to that, I started out the day finishing up this window seat nook in our living room.

vintage military ammo trunk turned window seat by Circa Dee

Our living room is pretty big.  It was originally two rooms (small living room and a tiny bedroom) that a previous owner opened up to make one large space.  I love how open it is but it still calls for two different zones.  I sort of think of the TV watching area as the “family” room and this side as the “living” room where we have a sitting area and then a bar cart to the side.

We added roman shades and vintage toile drapes.  In fact, the roman shades are the only things that are brand spankin’ new in this space.

vintage military ammo trunk turned window seat + toile drapes by Circa Dee

Before I go any further, please allow me to insert a beautiful “before” picture here of this side of the room.  This house was screaming bad 80s (and in some cases, still is) so it is a real joy to recreate.


I should also point out that I lost the battle on painting all of the maple stained trim in this house.  When paired with the new bright roman shades, it doesn’t seem that bad however I would like to de-orange it a bit with a darker stain.  But of course that is a daunting task that I am really not ready to embark on.

You may remember the drapes from the dining room in our previous house.  It’s funny how different they look in here.  Rather than using drape hooks this time, I went with rod clips so I could easily loop them over the fishing rod curtains rods.

vintage toile drapes

Yes, I said fishing rods.  One thing about making the beach house our permanent residence is determining how much “beach” to mix into the decor.  After all I don’t want to turn this place into the set of the Golden Girls.  Or maybe I do actually.  Blanche had quite the social life.  Anyway, I am still experimenting with how much beach is too much.

I digress.

The fishing reels and one of the rods are special because they belonged to Ryan’s grandfather and father.  I like how they’re on display but also totally functional for this space.  That seems to be a recurring theme since we moved.  Many of the things we chose to keep with us are sentimental and family heirlooms so we’re trying to find ways to not only admire them but actually use them as well.

repurposing fishing rod and reel as curtain rod

As soon as we decided to move, I knew this trunk was going right in this space.  The reason is two fold.  1)  This window is just calling out for a seat and the trunk was just the right size.  And 2) storage!

vintage military ammo trunk bench + orange kilim rug by Circa Dee

This is a vintage navy ammo trunk with its original labels.  You know how I feel about vintage military accessories.  Maybe you don’t.  I love them!  I tried to sell this one once upon a time when I didn’t need a huge ammo trunk however it didn’t sell.  Obviously no one saw my bench vision in the ginormous trunk!  We added castors so it easily moves as needed.  It can actually double as a coffee table too sans the pillows.  I’m sure I will be wheeling this out of the window to make room for a Christmas tree sometime soon.

vintage military ammo trunk bench + orange kilim rug by Circa Dee

Did you notice the cushion?  It is the perfect size for the trunk and it came off of a metal bench that we already owned.  A bench without storage so it didn’t make the cut in here.

window seat trunk

I know you spotted the rug.  Is it not the most perfect selection of loomed wool that you ever did see?

vintage military ammo trunk bench + orange kilim rug by Circa Dee

Let me tell you that an area rug was a must have for this little space.  It never felt complete without it.  I wanted to ground the space.  This Turkish kilim number did exactly that.  After drooling over very expensive kilims and overdyed wool rugs online for months, I found this antique one at an estate sale last week for a steal.  Plus a nicely coordinating one that I can’t wait to share too!  Jackpot.

vintage military ammo trunk bench + orange kilim rug by Circa Dee

I’m pretty happy with how this space came together.  It is functional and full of vintage style.  I even snuck in some mixing bowls on the windowsill.

  beach bungalow window seat

all in

After the holiday wind-down and the slow junking start to the new year, I am happy to announce that I had a wildly successful weekend in the vintage picking and repurposing department.  In just 2 days I got nearly a week’s worth done.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m exhausted so let me get to the featured treasure finds from the weekend’s estate and fleas.

Some good ones, I know. Can you believe this little brownie only set me back a buck? Unheard of! 

I never leave a seltzer bottle like this behind.

And some old shelf brackets round out the smalls.

I grabbed this olive green chest of drawers. It had the perfect chippy patina that revealed an earlier coat of red paint underneath. The green over red reminds me of the vintage army medical blankets that are so hot right now and impossible to find. I want one! If you don’t know what I am talking about, check pinterest.

Anyway, this chest of drawers would look fab as a nightstand next to a bed dressed with the wool medical blanket.

Speaking of the service, I found this old storage box with awesome type.  It was used in the navy.  I think this would look amazing as a storage box that would be housed under a bench (since there is no lid)…in an entry way perhaps, to corral shoes and accessories.  Maybe with casters on the bottom.  What do you think?  I really, really love it.  Scratches and all.

Suitcases from different eras. The large blue one is wool, from the late 60s and in excellent condition. The brown leather one is much earlier and not in great condition but I love it just the same.  (I seem to love everything today but the truth is, I don’t buy it if I don’t love it.)

These 2 steelmaster metal card cabinets are in excellent condition. It’s like they were never used. Except I know they were because they held a neatly organized file system of 1970s teenage boy’s record collection. In fact, there were more card cabinets but I left ’em behind because I didn’t want to carry the rest.  Those cards were heavy. I am kicking myself now!

And finally, how much do I love this cart? It is a nice green color AND with the flick of a wrist it folds in half. Yup, love.

And I’m spent! But before I go, I will open up the link party for any other bloggers who want to share their vintage treasures. I’m working out the technical stuff, so you have to click through and then link up your post showing what you found this past week! Spread the word…grab a button and link back here. The link will stay open through Thursday.

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