3 easy peasy repurposes

Hey guys!  I’m getting a late start to the week after taking a long weekend in sunny Florida.  It was a great vaca but it is time to get back to the grind now.  At our vintage camp sale I showed a few easy ways to repurpose things you may already have around the house.  Maybe you haven’t considered these uses.  Check them out…

First up is  the simplest one in the group.  Find a hand rake, preferably one with a hole in the handle.  Turn it upside down and around and you’ve got an instant hook.  Seriously couldn’t be easier and makes an interesting display.

We recently dismantled a built in desk in our basement. The drawers are in good shape so I’ve been considering ways to reuse them. This shallow drawer had a divider built in for pens and pencils. When the drawer is turned vertically it makes an instant shadowbox with a built in shelf. All the drawer needed was picture hanging hardware on the back.

And finally I found this case without a handle which many would consider useless.  However both the exterior and interior had great vintage patterns.  When a chain is bolted to the back, the suitcase hangs open like a little display case.  I like to call this the suitcase pantry.

Pick things up and turn them upside down and around when looking for ways to repurpose them.  Which of these items do you have sitting around?  Definitely the hand rake!

seeing double

Another super busy weekend comes to a close!  We spent time up and down the coast of New Jersey visiting friends.  Fortunately Ryan didn’t wear the button down shirt.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll have to check out the picture and feedback on facebook. Feel free to weigh in (but only if you side with me).


Anyway, amongst our weekend and earlier in the week we managed to scoop up some pretty good finds.  It has been a while since I took the time to photograph them and share here on the blog.  I made an effort at doing so this week because that’s kind of what this blog is about, right?  Pics of vintage finds.

So I noticed a trend this week.  There were lots of pairs.

I’m kind of obsessed with the paint by number trend.  I can’t walk away from them.  I’m not into equestrian much which is also popular but I had to grab this pair of PBN horses.

I think I like the white one best.

But the texture on the brown one is impressive for paint by number.

How great is this set of original Ladies and Men restroom signs?

My mind is spinning with ideas on how these could be used other than for distinguishing his & her bathrooms.

How would you display them?

Love the details on this little suitcase.  The leather handle, the stripey exterior and the hardware.  This is the type of old suitcase that makes a perfect card box at a vintage chic wedding.  Maybe I should hold onto it in case we ever plan a vintage chic wedding…

Oh yes I realize the suitcase is not part of a pair however I did nab a great luggage set this week in excellent condition.  I never snapped pictures before moving them into my space at West End.  So yes another pair although not pictured.  You’ll have to go see them for yourself.  They’re nearly in mint condition.

I also found not one but two steamer trunks this week.  Both are pretty filthy so I will share them at a later, cleaner date.

More pairs and more PBNs…a pair of paint by numbers of a pair of dogs.  Definitely seeing a trend.

Love the cool blues in the background.

I’ve been on a typewriter kick lately.  (Hasn’t everyone?)  Although I only found one this week.

Bonus, still has its case!

Those are the highlights.  What treasures have you found lately?


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earth day

Happy Earth Day!

I’ve been in major buying mode lately.  Here’s some vintage eye candy for ya.

Green royal typewriter complete with case.

Huge ironstone basin & pitcher.

Sweet old suitcase with leather handle and brass hardware.

A stack of 50-year-old children’s books mostly by Dr. Seuss.

Picnic basket plus a linen table cloth that would make the perfect picnic blanket.

There are the vintage treasure highlights for you!  ‘Til next time…

all in

After the holiday wind-down and the slow junking start to the new year, I am happy to announce that I had a wildly successful weekend in the vintage picking and repurposing department.  In just 2 days I got nearly a week’s worth done.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m exhausted so let me get to the featured treasure finds from the weekend’s estate and fleas.

Some good ones, I know. Can you believe this little brownie only set me back a buck? Unheard of! 

I never leave a seltzer bottle like this behind.

And some old shelf brackets round out the smalls.

I grabbed this olive green chest of drawers. It had the perfect chippy patina that revealed an earlier coat of red paint underneath. The green over red reminds me of the vintage army medical blankets that are so hot right now and impossible to find. I want one! If you don’t know what I am talking about, check pinterest.

Anyway, this chest of drawers would look fab as a nightstand next to a bed dressed with the wool medical blanket.

Speaking of the service, I found this old storage box with awesome type.  It was used in the navy.  I think this would look amazing as a storage box that would be housed under a bench (since there is no lid)…in an entry way perhaps, to corral shoes and accessories.  Maybe with casters on the bottom.  What do you think?  I really, really love it.  Scratches and all.

Suitcases from different eras. The large blue one is wool, from the late 60s and in excellent condition. The brown leather one is much earlier and not in great condition but I love it just the same.  (I seem to love everything today but the truth is, I don’t buy it if I don’t love it.)

These 2 steelmaster metal card cabinets are in excellent condition. It’s like they were never used. Except I know they were because they held a neatly organized file system of 1970s teenage boy’s record collection. In fact, there were more card cabinets but I left ’em behind because I didn’t want to carry the rest.  Those cards were heavy. I am kicking myself now!

And finally, how much do I love this cart? It is a nice green color AND with the flick of a wrist it folds in half. Yup, love.

And I’m spent! But before I go, I will open up the link party for any other bloggers who want to share their vintage treasures. I’m working out the technical stuff, so you have to click through and then link up your post showing what you found this past week! Spread the word…grab a button and link back here. The link will stay open through Thursday.

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junk spectrum

Hello! Hello! Have your holidays kicked off with a bang this weekend?  Mine certainly did and I am exhausted! Besides indulging in festivities I also managed to source some fab junk that span the spectrum of fave vintage categories. So here’s what I’m buying these days…

Starting small with Ball mason jars. I see more soap dispensers in my future.

A rusty jar thingy. Anyone know what this was once used for? I have a transformation in mind.

A heavy contained floral frog.

I scored a pair of iron steps. These were used on an old horse & buggy so passengers could step inside. I hope to transform these into practical hooks.  Stay tuned.

I managed to find 2 old grain sacks in decent condition. I’m very excited about them!

An itty bitty primitive egg basket. Have you ever seen one so small?

More wiry goodness in the form of a small rusty pink pram. I’m thinking both of these would be lovely in a spring display.

A pretty sweet distressed leather suitcase. Loving…

I bought a whole set of Victorian iron fencing like the segment below in a private sale. I’ve got a few projects in mind for them. The fencing literally opened the door for me to many other picks. The woman who sold them invited me into her garage and next thing I knew I was sifting through piles of her family heirlooms and making offers in true American Pickers style. How exhilarating. I will be going back later this week to pick ’em up. Stay tuned for photos on those items.

One of my favorite finds this weekend were these old lab stools at a flea market in NJ. I bought them from a great dealer who also sells on etsy. He had such a neatly curated stash of industrial vintage. I am going to pair the stools with a wooden high top table we already own which will be in the man cave when it is finished. Is it bad that I am shopping for the man cave before construction on it has even begun? Maybe worse that I am shopping for the man cave at all considering I told Ryan he could style it. Hmmph. I can’t help myself.

And finally, my favorite this week. In another private sale I bought an iron patio set with 4 chairs in excellent condition plus a matching table.  The curves are awesome. Who buys patio furniture in December?

So although it is freezing outside and yard sales are long gone, there are still plenty of vintage deals to be done. Pick on!

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