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Hey there!  We’re still off enjoying our spring break.  In the meantime, I want to share an oldie but goodie from last spring that I still totally love!

It’s my sunroom that I updated last year.  Here’s what it looked like then although it continues to evolve.

This time of year it is the best place to hang out.  The room is enclosed with sliding glass windows so I can sit out there at any time with a book, a project, some wine, whatever.

The best part is the transformation that I did to the vintage patio furniture.  Here’s what the chair used to look like.

Now it is Wilson’s favorite spot to catch an afternoon nap!

If you’re new around here at Circa Dee, you can check out last year’s post for details on the furniture transformation and pictures of the whole room.  You can also see how much my photography skills have evolved in a year!  I’m mighty proud of that.

Ok back to my vaca.


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my Christmas home tour

Christmas…just 5 days away.

If you read other home design and vintage blogs, you may have noticed that everyone has been posting their own version of their Christmas home tour.  In my attempt to keep up with the Joneses of the blog world, I had planned to post my holiday decor house tour 10 days before Christmas.  You would think that wouldn’t be too difficult considering the place has been decorated for Christmas since about Thanksgiving.  Well, that self-inflicted deadline came and went.  Over the weekend, I tidied the place up with the intent to photograph each room and get the aforementioned post up on Monday.  Yesterday.  That didn’t happen either.

A co-worker once told me “life happens while you’re making plans”.  So true.

Without further adieu, photos of life happening in our home decorated for Christmas. No staging.  Or bright natural light that I was holding out for…

Most of our friends come in the back door and enter the sunroom.  They’re greeted by a table top tree made of bells and some white pine from the yard.

The sunroom leads to the kitchen.  No matter the house, everyone always seems to gather in the kitchen.  Am I right?

And this time there is a sing along in progress with our friends children.

A little girl sings along in her party dress.

Overnight guests hang out in matching PJs.

Let’s leave the jam session and check out the dining room where snacks and a game of Apples to Apples were just abandoned.  There is our Fraser fir tree centered in front of the window.

On the adjacent wall is the card display that is now bursting with photos & holiday greetings.

Of course the living room is empty because everyone is squished in the kitchen!  The mantel is the focal point of the room and has been a big hit.

Pull a seat closer to the fire.  Vintage of course.

Oh wait, the living room is not empty.  There is just one Scrooge who chose not to join the holiday festivities.  Bah humbug Wilson!

The living room built ins also got a touch of Christmas with the addition of white pine clippings and vintage candles…

…and subtle, rustic, Christmas decor like this galvanized funnel tree.  This idea came from a similar one I saw on pinterest.

Every nook & cranny is outfitted with a collection of old ornaments.

Christmas sweaters are optional but certainly encouraged over here.

Thanks for stopping by our Christmas home where life is currently in progress.

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I was on vacation from my full-time job last week so we spent some time in Cape May, NJ.  My favorite place EVER.  We celebrated Ryan’s birthday, enjoyed seemingly endless days on the beach and also managed to catch up on some projects around the house.  

Ryan got a delightful bird house for his birthday after having his eye on it for years.  It seems more like a bird mansion to me.  Too bad I didn’t get a before shot of the bird house because he really transformed it by staining it to match the screened-in deck.  Then he mounted it on a tree stump so it peaks out from all of the foliage in the yard.  Birds have already flocked to it.

As for my project…Remember this funky green cage?  (I have been on a green junkin’ kick lately, haven’t I?)

I picked it up earlier this summer at Renninger’s.  When I bought it, I had a big idea for it.  The plan was to transform the cage into something useful and practical.  How about a coffee table? 

At Renninger’s, I also got ahh-mazing antique wooden casters.  They’re pretty fab, aren’t they?  Ryan popped the casters in the bottom of the cage for me after I cleaned it up. 

At this point, it looked something like a mobile rabbit home.  But stick with me.  I’m going somewhere with this transformation.

Next, I ordered a piece of custom cut glass for the top.  Ryan fixed up any wayward wires that were poking out haphazardly.  We put it all together and had ourselves a rustic little coffee table after just a few steps and a lot of imagination.  It is just the right height and size. 

The inside serves as a magazine rack and houses other fishing and beachy decor.  I love how the little door on the right pops open so you can use the inside for storage and display.  Maybe I will change it seasonally.

What do you think?  Have I gone too far?

I was originally thinking of doing this with an old lobster trap to stick with the beachy theme but each one that I found was just too far gone and corroded from the salt water.  When I came across this green cage I thought, why not?  Plus we like the color for the rustic beach house! 

Any ideas as to what the cage might have been originally used for?  I don’t know what the original purpose was but we almost had a reason to use the table as a cage on the other night…

Friday came along and we decided to break in the new-to-us table with a competitive game of scrabble.  I know, I know.  Big Friday night for us!  Scrabble. Woo hoo!

The table was working out just fine when we heard rustling outside in the shrubs.  Sure enough there was an INTRUDER! 

The kind of intruder that has four legs!  Yikes!  Can you believe that this thief was robbing the new bird house of all of the bird seed?  At one point, he had a friend too.  Yes, two raccoons visited us!  We spent the evening chasing the raccoons out of the new bird mansion in between scrabble tiles.  And by “we”, I mean Ryan did the chasing while I took pictures of the rodents feasting. 

Wilson slept through the whole thing.  Some guard dog he is. 

This would have probably been a good opportunity for us to use the cage-turned-table as an actual cage as it was once intended.  Fortunately, we Ryan scared the intruders away without needing to capture them. 

And I won the scrabble game!

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before & after: sunroom

Ok, folks the sunroom furniture rehab is officially done! It’s actually been done since last weekend but it has been raining for 6 days straight. I was waiting for a sunny day to take the after pictures in natural light but guess what, I just can’t wait anymore. I hope the rainy day pictures do the room and furniture justice.

Here are before shots of the antique iron patio furniture that I picked up at a flea market for a 100 bucks. It is actually a 5 piece set plus cushions. There are 3 chairs that make up the sofa, plus the coordinating arm chair and coffee table. And they also threw in some huge piece of purple glass that was being used over the coffee table. I insisted that they keep it but they said it was part of the set. If anyone needs some purple glass, I’ve got it for you!

The night before I went to the flea market, I imagined exactly this set of iron furniture. In my dream, it was already cleaned up and looked like this.

Then I woke up to another day of torrential rain and set of for the market anyway. There were about 4 vendors in the whole place and one with the crusty old furniture set of my dreams!

On the way home, I started second guessing my descision. Quite frankly, I had never redone something like this. I was thinking maybe I should have gone with a wicker set so I stopped in my favorite thrift store and low and behold there was a white wicker furniture set there that also needed some love. The pieces added up to $225 which reinforced that I made the right decision on my $100 iron set. Plus there was not an inch of room in the truck for more furniture.

The rest of the way home I considered leaving the furniture as is in its chippy, rusty glory with some new cushions. That wouldn’t be so bad but I knew Ryan wouldn’t appreciate that “style” and it wasn’t the vision I had.

I scrubbed the iron and sanded off all of the rust and layers of black and white paint. I used a drill with a wire brush bit. It took 2 nights to sand and then a day of spray primer. Then took several days to spray paint every inch apple green. I ordered the proper size glass for the coffee table.

After that was my next big challenge. The cushions. I don’t know how to sew. Yet. We considering buying new ones but I figured that would cost as much or more than the furniture did and I was determined to DIY this thing to death. First I scrubbed the cushions. Turns out they cleaned up pretty well. The white vinyl was good as new. I used dish soap and a soft brush. Then I left them out in the sun to dry. And naturally a bird pooped on one so I had to repeat.

The challenge was to replace the fabric portion of the cushion, a “no sew” task. I bought this amazing fabric, spray adhesive and fabric glue. And since I am a fabric amateur, I bought twice as much fabric as I really needed. Oh well.

I cut the fabric to fit each cushion. Folded the edges so there would be no fraying and fabric glued it together. Then I spray adhesed the new fabric to the old. I glued along the edge with fabric glue.

This no sew cushion rehab isn’t intended to last forever but I’m hoping for the season…or until I learn to sew new cushions anyway.

Then I accessorized the room. A shutter turned shelf full of coordinating pots and plants.

A barn ladder turned blanket rack with some throws. The pink one is a vintage tablecloth that I decided to keep because I just love how the embroidered calla lily matches.

Some other flea market finds: A pink slipper chair that I’ve had floating around for ages finally has a home! Plus that quirky table that looks like it has a cherry tablecloth on it but doesn’t. Its holding my herbs that still need to go in the garden if it ever stops raining.

And the window boxes which were the first thing to go in helped define the color palette. Yes, I sprayed them green too.

And there you have it! The newest “room” in our house. What do you think?

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a vintage weekend recap

I finally reunited with the world on a social basis this weekend. After nearly a month of hermit-like behavior in our new home, I decided it was time to get out. Of course I picked a rainy weekend but it didn’t disappoint. It was filled with all things I love. In no particular order I…

spent time with friends, family and family friends

had a girl’s night out with my silly SILs

kissed babies

celebrated the anticipation of the arrival of twin girls

celebrated a graduation

celebrated a birthday

went to an estate sale

a yard sale

and a garage sale

helped a friend sort through her 96 year old grandma’s antique china and silver

refinished a child size park bench

finished refinishing the sunroom furniture

and started refinishing the built ins in our living room.

And now for the deets and eye candy…
Let’s start with the baby shower at one of my favorite “antique houses”.

I love, love, love these handmade banners that are made of fabric triangles that are glued to ribbon, I think. The adorable banners decorated various doorways in the house plus their front porch. I don’t know what it is about these little triangles of joy but I just need them in my life!

Aside from the fabric streamers, there were vintage baby blocks decorating the house. Now isn’t that, well, fun?

At the estate sale, I got some vintage Christmas linens which just make me happy. Tablecloth, apron & tea towel plus a 1957 copy of Wizard of Oz. This Dorothy looks different than the one I grew up knowing.
P.S. that’s also a “before” picture of the park bench in the background.

An avocado green, wicker hamper because why not? Plus that quirky terra cotta owl with 3 faces that is getting cut off in the picture.

Roller skates circa 1970. Could I possibly regret this impulse buy? Not with that fab red carrying case that came with them! Must. Have.

Old burlap feed sacks with sweet graphics. Why didn’t I buy more? I have a project in mind for them and they were available…dammit! Oh but they do smell like gasoline so let’s hope I can get rid of that stench.

Breakfast in bed anyone? As soon as I laid eyes on this delicate tray of wonderfulness, I knew that I couldn’t leave it behind.

This hand stitched (or is it hooked? I think it’s hooked) area rug with vivid yellow, orange and green flowers is a perfect addition to my office. One of these days I will organize it and post pictures of the office.

Double baking pans. A huge floral frog just because I’m obsessed. And a scale that may possibly find a new life as a plant hook.

Oh and this dirty but cool tool caddy.

I think that about sums up my 48 hours of wonderfulness. No pictures of the china at this time. Or the babies.

What did you do this weekend?

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look on the bright side

I spent last weekend working hard on getting the sunroom in tip top shape. I am getting close to the final product and the big reveal. Actually, is any room ever really final?

Here’s a peek at some of the elements that you can expect to see in our sunroom…

Ok, that’s enough for now. I’ve said too much already. But I just can’t wait! Eeeee!

Don’t worry it wasn’t all work and no play for me this weekend. While I didn’t manage to make it to a barn party on the farm due to all of my house projects, I did manage to score some new, old finds that I am really excited about.

I’ve been looking for an old life preserver for a few months now. I finally found just what I imagined. This will become a focal point in the guest bedroom at the beach house. It needs to be cleaned up and I’m considering stenciling Cape May on it. yes? no?

Check out this antique pledge ledger. It makes me think of Animal House.

The inside is totally blank. This could make a pretty cool guest book for a wedding. I may list it on etsy.

I’ve been on a metal kick…You saw the galvanized bucket above. It could use a plant in it for fun on the patio.

This coffee can is literally like 80 years old. I LOVE the graphics.

Old school picnic basket-like tin box.

And these candle sticks are actually silver plated but someone along the way spray painted them silver. I bet the candlesticks tarnished so instead of polishing them, they sprayed them. I dunno why! I liked all of the detail anyway and since they’ve already been painted, I might just re-paint them. Something bright!

Two more loves. I’m keeping these. The barn ladder may find a long term home in the sunroom…we’ll see. And the chenille area rug is going in the guest room. I was looking for a vintage chenille blanket so the rug was a nice surprise. I’m sure it was originally in someone’s 1950’s bathroom looking all purdy and sweet. Well now it’s mine!

And another keeper is the wire milk jug carrier. It is so versatile. It is currently holding some herbs while I find a place in the garden for them. I love how useful this carrier can be. I just needed it! We’ll be seeing more of it!

I am thrilled with these new finds and can’t wait for this weekend to hunt for more.

sunny side up

Our new home boasts this amazing indoor/outdoor room facing the backyard. We are calling it our sunroom although the sunlight tends to be low because of the shade trees in our backyard. The room is lined with a brick floor and 3 brick walls. One of the brick walls is whitewashed. The final wall is composed of all windows.

Here are a few “before” shots.

Currently we’ve been working to scrub the space clean. This involves vacumming dirt out of brick crevices. Sounds funny? Well, it’s definitely not fun but maybe funny sounding.

We’re almost ready to get the room arranged. Well actually just as soon as I finish re-doing the vintage patio furniture. Details on that to come. In the meantime, I day dream about sitting out there with some vino while watching the seasons. Now is the optimal time to enjoy the sunroom so we are working in overdrive to get it settled. We will probably revisit some details, like adding electric (a ceiling fan? heat maybe?), in the fall.

Stay tuned for the spring sunroom reveal!

But until then, I will give you a peek into some of the indoor/outdoor rooms that I found inspiring while brainstorming our design.

Photos via decorpad