Well friends, I thought I’d have a furniture project to share with you today but it is not quite ready.  Let’s just say I am loving one of the new milk paint colors called Artissimo.  And stalling on photographing the finished product.  The color is a perfect smokey navy so stay tuned.

In the meantime, let me remind all of the locals that I will be at Serendipity in Doylestown, PA tomorrow demonstrating how to mix and use milk paint.  Oh yes, with the new mixer!

MMS October flier

We are off to a photoshoot today where we are the subjects.  It involves this guy.  A canoe.  And maybe my wedding dress…squeal!  Can’t wait to share details.

Colorado autumn

That photo was taken on our trip to Colorado a few years ago in October.  I love looking through these pictures each fall and reliving our adventure.  It was fabulous.  The fall colors were magnificent.

Colorado autumn

New Mexico

Although we don’t have majestic mountains here, hopefully we’ll capture some golden foliage today and reflective water.  The rest of the photos and our entire trip itinerary can be seen here.

Colorado autumn

Happy autumn!


Friends, it’s time!  Fall is officially here.  Yay!  I am ready to do some pumpkin picking and jack-o-lantern carving!  And I’m waiting for the leaves to change colors right before my eyes!  Yahoo!  How about you?

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon visiting several fab antique shops.  The trip to Western MD/Northern VA was somewhat spontaneous however I’ve long anticipated stepping foot in these shops…Chartreuse & Co., Sweet Clover and The Old Lucketts Store.  Sometimes you just need a good ol’ fashioned road trip!  My excursion has definitely given me the inspiration and kick in the pants I needed.

chartreuse & co.

I love this simple, spooky vignette at Lucketts…I might have to put something similar together.


I also had the pleasure of meeting Cassie at Sweet Clover.  What a doll!  I’ve been following her blog for years and feel like I know her life story so it was fun to meet her in person.  Plus, she and her partners curated a great barn sale full of vintage goodness.  Yes, I found some new treasures!  Bonus, Cassie schooled me on how to take a decent selfie…

sweet clover

Sometimes some new scenery is just the right dose of inspiration!  I’m headed to a milk paint workshop for the next two days.  I’m sure even more inspiration will strike.  Can’t wait to share.

With that said, let me share a few pumpkin projects today that may inspire you…

Stocking Pumpkin: Even easier than carving a pumpkin – just pop it into a fishnet or graphic stocking for instant spooktackular impact.


Safety in Numbers: There’s something so simply appealing about an abundance of mini pumpkins or gourds.  It looks great with reindeer moss, pinecones, acorns and other natural elements too.  Start filling a dough bowl or harvest basket!

mini pumpkins in abundance

Pumpkin Tea Lights: Easy!  Just carve out the top and pop a tea light candle in.

pumpkin tea light

Vomiting Pumpkin Salsa: So gross but so good!  Seriously, this carved pumpkin face makes such a conversation piece at a Halloween party.

jack-o-lantern salsa

If you missed it, check out my farmers market roundup for more simple, fall decor!  What’s inspiring you this fall?

romantique honeymoon

Seriously, I have the best husband ever.  Not only did he agree to spend a good portion of our honeymoon antiquing our way through Brimfield but he actually loved it as much as I did!

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (24 of 27)

I had to laugh the first day when we parked at 9 am and the guy told us the lot closed at 7 pm.  Yes, I actually laughed because I thought we’d never spend that long at the market.  Well, here we are returning to our truck at 6 pm.  The last vehicle in our area.  Yup, we spent about 9 hours shopping that day!  My kind of romance.

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (16 of 27)

Let me just tell you, this trip was everything I’ve always dreamed of.  Ok, I guess I imagined a honeymoon in a Tuscan villa at some point in my life but in reality Brimfield was better.  Way better.

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (22 of 27)

How you ask?  Loads and loads of vintage, antiques, junk and just down right cool people hauling tons of old junk.

Brimfield transportation

We had zero agenda and that was the best plan we could’ve made.  Everyone we met led us to a great restaurant, park or shop.  A dealer named Tracy from Fresh Vintage Mercantile gave us her dinner reservation that she couldn’t attend at a fabulous (and booked) sushi restaurant in town which we were clueless about.  We also got this great sign from her that I posted on facebook last week.

save the world buy vintage

We met dealers, Sherry and Paul, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary the same day we got married.  They even gave us a little vintage gift!  We purchased these handmade grapevine trellises from them.  That’s Sherry and me…and a random photo bomber.

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (25 of 27)

As we pulled into town the first day, I was basically hyperventilating, shrieking “Stop the car! Stop the car!” when I saw all of the goodness that Brimfield had to offer.

Brimfield Collage

And the food…omigoodness the food is pure fair food heaven.  Actually, there’s nothing pure about it.  All junk.

Brimfield food

I could keep going with the stories but I’m sure you’d rather see the eye candy!

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (26 of 27) Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (8 of 27) Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (5 of 27) Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (4 of 27) Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (2 of 27) Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (3 of 27)

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (23 of 27)

Some couples spend their honeymoon in an all inclusive tropical island.  Not us.

Brimfield Honeymoon