part 2: the haul

Did you catch my last post about our romantique Brimfield honeymoon?  It was fate that our wedding was the Saturday before the spring antique market.  Honestly, I didn’t plan it that way.  With such timing, how could we not take the opportunity to honeymoon at the largest antique show in the country?  Don’t worry we also hit Nantucket and other New England sites such as Plymouth.

But let’s talk about what we bought!  These pictures don’t show all of the haul but the majority.  Although we could’ve fit more in the truck, I was trying not to make this a crazy Circa Dee buying trip since that isn’t exactly why we were there.  We had a lot of fun picking out things for our home including a set of andirons for our fireplace that aren’t pictured.  Overall, it was 50/50 in terms of what we bought for us versus what we bought to sell.

Ok I’ll stop talking for a minute so you can feast your eyes…

vintage treasures May (1 of 28)

vintage treasures May (2 of 28)

vintage treasures May (3 of 28)

vintage treasures May (4 of 28)

Have you ever seen a Tom Thumb?  It is a kid’s size typewriter.  I hadn’t seen one before but then ran into a few of them.  It is from the 1950’s and comes with a metal cover.  I love the color.  I am bringing it to Brooklyn Flea Philly this weekend so maybe someone will be just as amazed as I am by the Tom Thumb.

vintage treasures May (5 of 28)

And this Lazy Lake sign…it is most likely a reproduction made maybe 30 years ago but it is still fabulous.  The swim cap, the graphics, the bum in the air!vintage treasures May (9 of 28)

Oh there were so many fun vintage ship wares.  I have a thing for crotchety old ship captain figurines these days, especially the old peg leg one.  And check out the brass plaques used which came from a ship.  I had such a hard time picking out which ones I wanted.  We’ll definitely be hanging the Cert. Private Lavatory plaque in the bathroom.  I haven’t made a decision on the others although they’re all quite punny.

 vintage ship plaques & captains

More nautical swag.  I never pass up a minnow bucket.  Those orange graphics!

vintage treasures May (19 of 28)

Vintage glass fishing buoys are so beautiful.  They tend to vary a little bit in green and blue colors and their shapes are imperfect.  The glass was usually blown right on the ship.  The buoys still float.  Ryan tested it…  We kept one and put a few for sale in West End Garage because they really make an awesome coffee table piece in a beach house.

vintage treasures May (20 of 28)

I found so much humor in this sign.  I wanted to keep and display it but decided it would give customers the wrong idea because yeah, we do take credit.

vintage treasures May (12 of 28)

The credit sign is laying on a vintage apple press.  At least part of the apple press.  The wood has the most beautiful patina to it most likely from the acid of the apples.  I love the age of the wood so we’re planning to create something with the press piece.  Stay tuned on that front.

vintage treasures May (13 of 28)

This little birdhouse was also made by the nice couple that we met that shares our anniversary.  They were selling these birdhouses like hotcakes so we had to grab one for ourselves!

vintage treasures May (14 of 28)

We selected a neon letter R to represent our last name.  You can also see there that we found lots of mason jars.

vintage treasures May (21 of 28)

And crates.  I chose ones with graphics that I liked.  I especially liked the Buckeye crate for all of my friends with Ohio roots.  vintage treasures May (25 of 28)

We scored a few pieces of small furniture that I’ve already put in my space at West End Garage.  It was pretty bare there when we got back so I was happy to add this white Empire chest.  It is also perfect for a beach cottage.  I was drawn to it for its crackle finish.

vintage empire chest

So what were our favorite finds you ask?

Ryan’s was definitely this carved wooden eagle.  The day we found it he mentioned something about wanting a “totem pole”.  And then he spotted this.  And suddenly totem pole type things were everywhere.  I’m so glad he selected the eagle though because some were not nearly as awesome.vintage carved eagle

I’ve always wanted to find a leather doctor’s bag.  Then I came across one with my initials on it!  The guy practically gave it away when he heard they were my initials.  I didn’t mention that they’ll be changing any day now as soon as I get around to completing the paperwork.

vintage doctor bag

So what is your favorite find from our Brimfiled stash?

seeing double

Another super busy weekend comes to a close!  We spent time up and down the coast of New Jersey visiting friends.  Fortunately Ryan didn’t wear the button down shirt.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll have to check out the picture and feedback on facebook. Feel free to weigh in (but only if you side with me).


Anyway, amongst our weekend and earlier in the week we managed to scoop up some pretty good finds.  It has been a while since I took the time to photograph them and share here on the blog.  I made an effort at doing so this week because that’s kind of what this blog is about, right?  Pics of vintage finds.

So I noticed a trend this week.  There were lots of pairs.

I’m kind of obsessed with the paint by number trend.  I can’t walk away from them.  I’m not into equestrian much which is also popular but I had to grab this pair of PBN horses.

I think I like the white one best.

But the texture on the brown one is impressive for paint by number.

How great is this set of original Ladies and Men restroom signs?

My mind is spinning with ideas on how these could be used other than for distinguishing his & her bathrooms.

How would you display them?

Love the details on this little suitcase.  The leather handle, the stripey exterior and the hardware.  This is the type of old suitcase that makes a perfect card box at a vintage chic wedding.  Maybe I should hold onto it in case we ever plan a vintage chic wedding…

Oh yes I realize the suitcase is not part of a pair however I did nab a great luggage set this week in excellent condition.  I never snapped pictures before moving them into my space at West End.  So yes another pair although not pictured.  You’ll have to go see them for yourself.  They’re nearly in mint condition.

I also found not one but two steamer trunks this week.  Both are pretty filthy so I will share them at a later, cleaner date.

More pairs and more PBNs…a pair of paint by numbers of a pair of dogs.  Definitely seeing a trend.

Love the cool blues in the background.

I’ve been on a typewriter kick lately.  (Hasn’t everyone?)  Although I only found one this week.

Bonus, still has its case!

Those are the highlights.  What treasures have you found lately?


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who’s walking who

Remember that pile of projects I showed you last week?  Well I didn’t make much progress on those this weekend.  Instead I started new ones!  Typical.  We painted lots of things too – a frame, a door, a dresser, a sign.  Ace has a new paint out, Clark + Kensington.  On Saturday, they were giving out free quarts of any color you choose.  Let’s just say we may have gone back more than once.  Now we’ve just added to the long list of in progress projects.  Details to come, of course.

Let me get to the eye candy of the post – the week’s vintage finds.  My favorite time of the week is sharing the loot here and now!

The top score was this oh so very cool drink cart.  I have a weak spot for these little carts but rarely do I buy them.  The price was right so I snatched it up before I even knew if it fit in my car. 

It didn’t.  Luckily we (my trusty assistant, Wilson, and I) were right down the street from home.  So there I am wheeling this thing 2 blocks while walking a very curious beagle who is stopping to sniff every 5 feet.  His leash is getting all caught in the cart’s wheels and what not.  Our trio of human, canine and cart was quite the sight.  Can you say hot mess?

Since we all made it home in one piece, particularly the cart, the question now is do I leave the chipping black metal in its current state of vintage loveliness or do I paint is some fabulously chic color like aqua?  Or pink?  Please weigh in with your vote.

Other finds of the week include some nearly seasonal drinking glasses now available on etsy for those wishing to have a blooming garden at their fingertips.

And bright orange linens.

I’ve been into orange lately.  Plus some old wooden shoe stretchers.

And a super heavy typewriter.

With beveled glass sides.

Happy Monday!

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