playing dress up

Winter could also be dubbed elastic pant season.  At least for me.  Tell me I’m not alone in that admission.  Monday runs into Tuesday and Tuesday into Wednesday, all while sporting thick sweats or yoga pants (on a good day), usually paint covered and topped with some sort of crazy cat lady house coat.  The joys of working from home in a vacation community in the dead of winter warrant cat lady wardrobe status.  As soon as the season changes and I find my style senses again, please dismiss that image.  Until then, picture my XL men’s flannel and paint sweats topped with a Waldo-like beanie.

Now that you have that visual, let me tell you about what I’m working on.  I’ve got a number of pieces in the hopper in various European colors  including a secretary in Arabesque, a nightstand in Layla’s mint and a Marzipan/Schloss layered drum table, to name a few.  I can’t wait to get them finished up, photographed and posted.  The pretty pastels all hint at spring.

European colors

In the meantime, I did a little window shopping.  Clearly I’m dreaming of warmer days when I will remove some layers, wear proper wasted pants and bare a little skin again.  Eliza J dresses are modern but with a hint of vintage style which is exactly what I like.  I found a fantastic range of new dresses that correlate to the new European colors in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line.  I never stray far from paint and I thought this was a fun way to translate the new colors…

Eliza J

“Arabesque” is definitely a feminine, soft ballet pink just like the skirt on the right.  I’d say the skirt has a shimmer of “white wax” to it as well.

I wouldn’t mind wearing this “Schloss” faux fur now in lieu of my flannel.  Definitely no need to wait ’til spring for that greige number.  Both Schloss and the jacket are equal parts gray and brown and a bit of a chameleon depending on the surroundings.

“Marzipan” is incredibly creamy and flowy.  It is light and breezy just like this gown.  Not quite white, though I wouldn’t wear it to a wedding.

“Mora” is definitely my favorite and so is this lace dress.  That sheath really captures the spirit of the new paint color which is a light silvery gray with more than a hint of blue.  This one changes a bit with the lighting.

“Bergere” is kind of smokey blue.  Well maybe not smokey but definitely not sky blue either.  It is as if light blue has a gray finish to it similar to that flirty little dress.

“Layla’s Mint” is the final new color in the line.  I can’t quite put my finger on a description for that one nor could I find a dress to relate to it.  Stay tuned.

Please feel free to come to our next Milk Paint Demonstration on Saturday, February 27th at noon at Serendipity Shops.  Unfortunately I will not be wearing one of these elegant Eliza J dresses but you can check out the lookbook here.  Nor will I be wearing a house coat and elastic pants.  Thank goodness.

love story

We watched another great, classic movie.  Much like “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Love Story” is filled with life lessons related to love.  This time of the romantic flavor.  And a bit more modern.


Wintry New England is the backdrop making this feel like it could almost be a holiday movie.  Plus it was released in theaters in December 1970 adding to the holiday vibe.

I can’t help but wish I went to Harvard after watching this movie.  Not for the obvious scholastic reasons.  Just because.

love story

Although I own the DVD, I’ve only watched this movie once previously.  I remember being so stunned by the end that I just tucked it away feeling sad.  I think most people know what happens.  Except, well, I didn’t.

Although the movie takes place in 1970, Jenny Cavalleri could easily walk into 2013.  Her style is fabulous and nearly timeless.  Her wardrobe might just be the real love story for me. 

love story

The over sized lapels on this camel coat get me every time.

love story

Nerd chic glasses.  Yes, please!

love story

The knit hat.

love story

And let’s not forget about Oliver Barrett’s rich boy style.  Cable knits, blazers and, is that Burberry?  I sure do think that is the exact same reversible Burberry trench that I scored a few months ago.

love story

Yep, here it is reversed.  I am always researching…

love story

Did I mention that coat was much too big for me so I decided to sell it after all?  Which now makes total sense.  It must be a man’s.  Maybe I should re-brand it the Love Story Burberry jacket. 

Ahh, I sure do love settling in with an old movie on these chilly December nights…”Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

love story

treasure hunting mojo

Guys, my treasure hunting mojo was seriously down for a little while at the end of the summer.   I was all down and out and feeling like a I needed a major score.  I know, I sound like I’m addicted to drugs.  But just vintage so it is ok.  Finally I hit big but before I tell you about how big I hit, let me tell you about the low so you can really appreciate the high.

It all started to go downhill on the yard sale scene.  Yes, there is such a thing as the “yard sale scene”.  Don’t question it.

First, I piggy backed a friend’s yard sale.  They were having a 2 day extravaganza.  Their first day was a blow out.  They were wheeling and dealing until they had to turn people away because the sun was going down.  Ok, that part is an exaggeration but it was good on day 1.  I had some goods of my own to unload so I decided to get in on the action day 2 of their sale.  Now, this was only my second time as a yard sale seller and my first experience was quite positive.  But apparently I brought some seriously bad karma to day 2 of the yard sale this time around.  We had all of about 8 customers and I think I made about $23 that day trying to unload my old junk.  We could literally hear crickets.  Crickets!

Lesson learned: 2 day yard sales are not a good idea.  Stick to one day. 

A week or 2 passed and I was still shaking that less than stellar yard sale experience off.  Nonetheless, I decided to get back out on the yard sale scene with cash in pocket.  I was ready to treasure hunt.  It wasn’t until the third sale of the day that I was ready to make a purchase.  I reached in my pocket to pull out aforementioned cash.  It was gone!  Totally gone.  I retraced my steps, went back to the previous sales and tore apart my house looking for the yard sale cash.  Gone!  A large sum of money too.  Ugh, it still hurts.

Lesson learned:  I dunno, maybe tape your money to your leg so you don’t lose it.

It took me a while to get my courage back.  But I did, of course.  Treasure hunting is my middle name.  I eased in slowly at the thrift store.  Scanning a thousand jackets, I came across this classic trench.  As I looked for the label (in the pocket), I realized I had a vintage Burberry reversible trench in my hands.  This is the stuff dreams are made of, friends.

vintage reversible burberry trench

Burberry!  Or Burberrys of London as this trench is labeled.  That is the name on labels from approximately the 1960s-1990s.  It is reversible.  Navy on one side and wool on the other.  This lame picture does it no justice.  I’m in love.  I haven’t worn it yet.  I just take it out of my closet and stare at it from time to time.

Next up is a swoon-worthy matching pair of chairs.  Can you believe I almost passed them up?  I spotted these at a yard sale but quickly remembered my strict “no more chairs” policy that I implemented on myself so I left the sale.  Thanks to all of your advice on instagram, I broke my own rule.  Thank you.  I went back and they were still there.  Fate.  I crammed those things into my car so quickly. I didn’t even care if a leg was hanging out of the window.  #crazyyardsalelady  They were too unique to leave behind a 2nd time.

vintage Ward Bennett for Brickel Associates Landmark chair

Upon further research, I found that these chairs were by American furniture designer and icon, Ward Bennett for Brickel Associates. They are called the Landmark chair and are carved from solid ash wood.  They are so comfortable.  Comfort and simplicity were Bennett’s goals as apparently he had back issues of his own.

vintage Ward Bennett for Brickel Associates Landmark chair

They are all original.  I love how the wood and velvet are worn in just the right places.  Gorgeous.  I am not planning on painting or reupholstering.  I am hoping to incorporate these chairs into a new dining table set up.  I will definitely find a place for them either way!

And, Pendleton.  Man, I love me some Pendleton and it seems to be finding me lately.  I have turned up 3 Pendleton jackets and coats in the last month.  I love their classic tailored shapes and funky plaids.

vintage Pendleton blazer

This little blazer is so golf outing chic, don’t you think?

My luck has certainly turned around.  These pieces need nothing more than some cleaning.  I’ve got my mojo back for sure.  Tell me, what treasures have you scored lately?

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