milk paint madness

On Monday I mentioned that I was headed to a retailer workshop for Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint.  And boy did it deliver!  My mind is in overdrive.  Seriously, I couldn’t sleep.  I just want to go paint.  And I will as soon as I’m finished with this post.  I stockpiled a few “raw” pieces in anticipation of going mad for milk paint this week.

Lucketts Green crackle over Typewriter
Lucketts Green crackle over Typewriter

A few things to note that may be of interest to you if you are using milk paint or considering it…hand mixers are out and I will have them on shelves in just a few weeks.  They are low-cost and are an easy way to mix paint.  I know that mixing the paint can be intimidating to a newbie.  This is probably the simplest and quickest way to get a nice even mix.  You can also refer to my step by step tutorial on mixing here.


I love the newest color, Apron Strings, which is scheduled to be released later this season.  Expect to see it in November.  Bold colors are appealing to me and this one has already proven its versatility.  It can be darkened as pictured below for a warm, fall or winter look.  Here it is layered over another soon-to-be released color called Curio which is like a walnut.  Curio makes a great base color.  There is also antiquing wax over this combo to increase the warmth.

Apron Strings over Curio with antiquing wax
Apron Strings over Curio with antiquing wax

However, Apron Strings can be paired with beachy blues and white wax for a summer look.  Can’t. Wait.  Get excited, friends!

The third newest color to be released is called Trophy.  It is a true gray or pewter.  Here I experimented with it under Ironstone.  This is a very soft and beautiful combination.  I am looking forward to using Trophy as a stand alone color for a more modern look.  Gray is so on trend at the moment.

Ironstone over Trophy
Ironstone over Trophy

With the addition of those 3 new colors (Apron Strings, Curio & Trophy), that will round out the current MMS collection to 18 colors.  But the options for custom mixing colors is pretty much endless!

Hometalk asked me to put together an inspiration board featuring milk paint projects.  Check out a few of my favorites bellow!  You can see each project source by clicking through to the clipboard.

HOMETALK MILK PAINTWhat are you considering painting?  Do you have a color in mind?
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august milk paint workshop

You asked, we listened!  There’s a new milk paint workshop on the calendar…

Who: DIYers, Paint Enthusiasts, Paint Beginners, Anyone, But Especially You!

french enamel & grainsack milk paint retro chest

What:  Introduction to Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Workshop

We’ll cover the basics of mixing and working with milk paint and the companion products including the bonding agent, hemp oil and wax.  This is a hands on workshop where you’ll complete make and takes exhibiting different techniques.

mustard seed yellow milk paint nightstand palm springs vintage

When:  Saturday, August 17th, 2013  10 am – 1 pm

Where:  Impact Thrift Montgomeryville’s Community Room

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Tricycle

How:  Tickets are $95 and can be purchased here

Dropleaf Table

Bonus:  Receive 10% off all Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint purchases and 25% off all Impact Thrift furniture purchases the day of the workshop!

Milk Paint Workshop

stool sample

Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better title for this post.
Today I want to share a sample of what happens when mixing milk paint colors.

milk painted stool & vintage counting board

But first a little eye candy from the Circa Dee space at yesterday’s Clover Market.  We had an amazing day.  I can’t thank everyone enough!  The crowds were out in full force and were snatching up lucky finds like crazy.  Here’s a bit of what we had to offer with more booth photos posted on facebook

Clover Market April 2013

Clover Market April 2013

Clover Market April 2013

Clover Market April 2013

Clover Market April 2013

Back to the post at hand…

milk painted stool & vintage counting board

Last Thursday was the first milk paint workshop where we tackled mixing the paint, using it as a stain, wash and using hemp oil.  I used this little plywood stool as a sample applying ironstone milk paint to the top.

milk painted stool & vintage counting board

At the end of the class we got crazy and mixed up the remaining colors which introduced this magnificent mauvey pink color.

milk painted stool & vintage counting board

Tricycle + Mustard Seed + Kitchen Scale + Ironstone = Mauve

milk painted stool & vintage counting board

If you want to walk on the wild side with us this week, there is still time to join.  On Thursday we will be focusing on using the bonding agent to produce a controlled, opaque finish.  And next week, we’ll be getting chippy!

I know there is an interest in a Saturday workshop.  I hear ya loud and clear my milk paint loving friends!

Let’s shoot for a date in June where we’ll do the entire workshop series in one day.  Don’t quote me just yet but what does June 15th look like for those of you that are interested?

I’d like to schedule something before everyone starts taking off on summer vacations and May is pretty much out of the question for me with the upcoming nuptials and all!

Happy Monday!