candlestick park

Hola chicas!  How’s everyone feeling today?  Feeling ready for a new mantel display alla Circa Dee?  I was all kinds of over due in the mantel department. We still had our busy Easter egg display up until just a few days ago. Now we’ve transitioned to a much simpler display for late Spring…

Me likey!  I started by layering a huge tarnished tray with my DIY moss wreath.

You’ve seen this wreath before. He is not new to the living room decor. And if you don’t remember how to DIY it, check last summer’s tutorial here.

What are those stunning candlesticks, you ask?

Oh they’re just a little something we’ve whipped up out of old Victorian porch spindles.

I’m pretty much in love! And you can be too because there is a set of 3 available for sale on our etsy shop.

This is the before as you probably imagined.  I just salvaged the whole darn railing.

But wait! That’s not all. Each end is flanked with more tarnished silver. Cream and sugar bowls filled with moss balls.


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pinning & framing spring

A couple of weeks ago when signs of spring started to emerge here in PA, I was itching for a new wreath for my front door.  I spied a pretty one out shopping but it was $40 which didn’t seem like a necessary purchase at the time.  I knew I had plenty of materials to make a new wreath at home so I vowed to not spend any money on a spring wreath and only use materials around my house.  But I was tired of the tried and true round wreaths I have on hand.  (I have a ton.)  I took to pinterest for some pinspiration.  I typed in “spring wreath” and the results were gorgeous and overwhelming.  I finally decided on fabric flowers and a square wreath which was inspired by this pin.

Here is what I came up with in under an hour…

It was so simple to make once I had the vision. First, I shopped the garage and found an old nondescript frame which lost its glass long ago.  A light coat of hot pink spray paint brightened it up but allowed the grain to still show through.

Next, I perused the yard for some twigs which I spray painted white. Then I cruised fabric scraps where I found some springy colors.

Wilson also assisted in creating the door decor.  Because the frame was kind of thin, I took some leftover foam core board and cut a triangle to add in the lower corner with glue.

For the flowers, I cut various strips of fabric anywhere from about 10-18 inches long and just a couple of inches wide.  The larger the piece of fabric, the larger the flower.  Obv.  Then I twisted and turned and fluffed the fabric as pictured below until I got something sort of resembling a blooming rose.  I added a dab of hot glue to the end which I pulled through like a loose knot.

Then I hot glued the twigs and flowers in a delightful pattern onto the frame and foam core board.

Wilson conducted a quality check.

And he approved of the final product. 

Up on the door the spring wreath went.

Replacing the old feather wreath which is so un-springy. It looked like a flock of pigeons were laid to rest at my front door. Which may be an ok look for winter (if dead pigeons is ever an ok look) but not for spring!

Out with death and in with new life!  Bright and cheery for $0 and less than an hour from concept to finish.

Have you found any pinspiration for your spring decor?

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the new owl

You know how owls were all the rage? Birds in general actually were quite rage worthy.

Now if you haven’t heard, I am here to tell you that bikes are the new lovebirds. And peacocks are the new owls. Is that confusing since peacocks and owls are both birds? It shouldn’t be. So lovebirds have taken a backseat to bikes and peacocks now trump owls on the trend-o-meter.

Got it?  Good!

Today let’s talk about peacocks.  Specifically their feathers.  200 of them.

My sister-in-law had 200 peacock feathers left over from her wedding last year. What to do? What to do?

When all other ideas fail, make a wreath. That is my craft motto. I saved metal wreath bases from our Christmas Douglas fir wreaths.  Can you see 9 of prongs below?  Good.

All you need to do to have an on trend peacock wreath is divide up the feathers into 9 groups. Work each bunch into a set of prongs and clamp the prongs closed. The ends of the feathers should hang into the next set of prongs. Take another bunch of feathers and fill in a new set of prongs covering the previous feather ends.  Clamp close.  Repeat this for all of the prongs and you will have yourself a gorgeous peacock wreath in less than a half hour.

Fluff and pluck feathers until your heart is content.  You’ve got yourself trendy peacock decor to occupy the space where your macrame owl used to hang.

Add more peacock feathers or other types of feathers. Whatever you want!  Aren’t the colors just gorgeous?


And since birds of a feather flock together, I’ve got a pretty little peacock giveaway for you today! A friend of mine just launched an etsy shop Sleek & Unique, specializing in decorative items for your home.  She has graciously offered a set of 4 of her very popular Peacock Tile Coasters to one lucky Circa Dee reader. 

Sleek & Unique needs help spreading the word about the new shop so there are 4 ways to enter the giveaway…

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Leave a comment below for each entry.

The giveaway will be open all week – closes Saturday night (2/25) at mid-night EST.  Winner will be drawn at random and announced next week.

So are you loving peacock feathers as much as I am?  Oh and how many times do you think I said peacock in this post?

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rustic & reclaimed mantel

Falalalalala.  Ok, so I’m in full on Christmas mode.  The mantel is complete, the tree is up, the cards are, well, they’re in progress.   

It’s kind of hard to believe it was 70 degrees again yesterday.  We didn’t wear coats to buy our tree which seemed odd.  I have no problem decorating for Christmas in any weather.  I could do it all year!

 I love the scent of the Fraser fir tree we selected.  But the live princess pine roping on the mantel is just gorge!  It is so delicate.  It balances the rustic, woodsy decor.

I used an old Royal Crown Cola crate as an upright display shelf for some vintage Christmas balls.  I have acquired a ton of these old ornaments.  They’re on display in just about every corner of the house.

Remember my architectural salvage finds from just last week?  The chippy green board provides a background for the Victorian pink spindle turned candle holder.  In fact, all of the items that make up this mantel vignette are from recent picks.  Who needs family heirlooms this year when we’ve got perfectly good junk to display? 

I’ve fully embraced burlap, galvanized, reclaimed wood and sheet music in my overall Christmas decor this year.  I’m really happy with the rustic combination so far.  See the cute little burlap stocking?

You know that phrase “Go Big or Go Home”?  That is sort of what I adapted with me 3 foot plus Santa.  The huge poster was surfaced over the summer and the barnwood frame came from another pick.  I put them together and voila…

Because the poster is about an inch smaller than the frame around, I added yellowed book pages to create a matting.  I am also really happy with the birch pieces.  Side note: Ryan cut all of the birch for the fireplace not the mantel.  They’re just too pretty to burn though, aren’t they?

Oh!  Remember the old gas station belt hooks I got last week?  The mint green worked perfectly in this vignette.  I didn’t even plan that in advance.  The hooks also function well for the mini sheet music wreath to hang from.  Yes, I have gas station junk out for Christmas.  So what?

There are the galvanized buckets…the perfect flower-pot for my white poinsettia.

More burlap.  This old toy sack is excellent for holding firewood.

More green…this time in a dented pail that I just love to use as a flower-pot.  Yes, there are white pumpkins still out for Christmas.  Why not?  The color goes perfectly with the poinsettia.

And there you have our rustic & reclaimed Christmas mantel!  Stay tuned for more burlap/galvanized/reclaimed wood/sheet music decor from Circa Dee this rustic holiday season.  Do you have a theme for you decor this year?

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for the love of wreaths

Welcome to our front door.  The fall planters hadn’t bloomed when I took this pic but the felt flower wreath is always blooming on the door!  Too bad there is a glare.  Keep scrolling down.

Do you remember the mossy green wreath I made for the late summer mantel?

Here it is above the mantel.  Click here for the tutorial on how to make a moss wreath.

She made a new appearanace as a fall-ish wreath with a mini makeover.

I took some felt scraps and cut strips at different widths.

Then cut slits into the strips.  This project takes minutes to do.  Seriously.

Then roll the slitted felt up tight to create various flower shapes.  Hot glue the ends.  I think the gold rosettes are my fave.

The starburst felt flowers remind me of spider mums or something.  I guess that makes them seasonal.

I attached them to the foam based wreath with corsage pins.  You could also hot glue them on but then they won’t come off easily now will they?  And I plan to re-use the moss wreath again and again.

Easy peasy.

Did you notice that I love to make wreaths?  I’ve devoted a entire tag to them.  Wreaths were one of the first items I ever made and sold starting at the age of 14.  Don’t miss the hot pepper wreath that I posted a few days ago.

So what’s on your door?

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hot hot hot

I was inspired at the farmer’s market again.  There was a huge basket of wrinkled hot peppers on sale.  $3  Take ’em all.  Who can argue that?

Shiny.  Red.  Luscious.  A couple of days past their prime for cooking.

Not for crafting.  So I got a 12 inch flat wreath form.

And some wire.  Layer 3 peppers on top of the former 3 and secure with wire.

I wired half of the wreath with the pepper stems out and the other half with the curly ends out.

I love the curly shape of these peppers.

I worked in some burlap scraps to up the fall factor and to hide the mechanics of the wire.

There you have a farmer’s market red pepper wreath.

Only 4 “ingredients” used.

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Hello there!

You may have seen the coffee filter wreath craze all over the blog world.  Basically every home and DIY blogger has tried their hand at making their very own big fluffy cream wreath out of a million coffee filters over the last year.  I finally tried it too.

With a spin of course.

You thought I lost my mind when I made a wreath of plastic spoons.  Now, not only have I made a wreath out of coffee filters but I dyed them first.  My logic?  I really wanted a greenish coffee filter wreath and well they just don’t sell them in green.

All of the materials were just a dollar except the filters.  I got a floral foam wreath at the dollar store and wrapped it in a roll of satin dollar store ribbon to start.  The wreath form is only about 6-8 inches so this project didn’t take forever to complete.

Actually days before I did that, I dyed some of my coffee filters with Rit kelly green dye that was also just a dollar at the fabric store.  This dye is meant for dying clothes in a washer which actually sounds really scary to me so I made up my own rules.  I heated up a pot of water and put a splash or two of kelly green dye in the pot. 

Then I dunked groups of filters in the water.  I left them in for anywhere from 1-4 minutes to get various shades of green. 

Here’s where I started to feel like a total wacko.  Picture this.  I am standing in my kitchen over a pot of green water with a camera around my neck and soggy coffee filters in hand.  I felt like the lucky charms leprechaun.  Magically delicious.  Thankfully I was home alone for this portion because I am afraid Ryan would have had me committed if he saw this scene.

Anyway, I laid the dyed stacks of coffee filters out on a cookie sheet to dry.

Several days later the filters were ready.

I folded each individual filter into quarters.

Then I hot glued the point of the filter to the wreath form leaving the ruffly side out.  I did this in a line around the front of the wreath alternating between green and white. 

I repeated another row on the side of the wreath to create a full fluffy colorful coffee filter wreath.

There you have it. 

I hung it in the office but I am feeling the color combo for Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day.  Expect to see this again in my future decor.

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spoon fed

Late one night Ryan came into the office to tell me he was going to sleep.  I told him I was too, just as soon as I made a wreath out of plastic spoons.  He snickered, shook his head and left the room.

He thinks I’m nuts.  Maybe I am.

I first saw the plastic spoon wreath here.  I thought it was clever and had to try it.  I went to the dollar store to pick out some pretty spoons.  I settled on yellow.  I’ve been on a yellow kick lately.

Two dozen spoons and some hot glue later I had myself a wreath.  It only took about 10 minutes to make.  You just glue the back of the spoon to the handle of another spoon and keep going.  You can use more spoons if you’d like.  I added ribbon also from the dollar store.  It was so easy.  In fact, I was thinking that this might be a fun craft to do with kids.  I was feeling a little like a girl scout leader in my delirious state of mind.  So I went to sleep.

The following day I looked at my wreath of spoons.  What the heck do you do with a wreath of plastic spoons? 

That’s what I was thinking as I carried it around the house looking for a place to hang it.  It’s not exactly super chic unless you are having a picnic.  Oh, the perfect picnic decor!

But we weren’t having a picnic.  So I kept trying out spaces…

Then I settled on this wall above my antique dresser behind my Grandmother’s pitcher and basin. 

It looks right at home there and sort of frames the pitcher. 

By the way, the pitcher and basin must have been made in the ceramics hey day of the ’70s.  The tell tale message is on the bottom.  To Rita (my Grandmother), Love Debbie.  We have no idea who Debbie is.

Back to the plastic spoon wreath…for it to not look super strange in your home decor, it really needs to be part of a vignette and preferably set back.  Then it blends and becomes a subtle conversation piece.  This isn’t a wreath that can hang out there alone.  Think buddy system.

The spoon wreath vignette sits opposite the vintage sheet music wreath in the guest room.  We’re officially at wreath capacity in that room.

I think I’ll try a fork wreath next…

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au naturale

I hate to be the bearer of bad news here folks but summer is a flyin by…it’s unofficially halfway over.  Where has the time gone? 

Ok that was very negative of me.  Let me try this again…I just love fall!  I really do and guess what!  It’s only about a month and half away.  I can’t wait for a chill in the air, the leaves to change colors and some hot toddies by the fire.

Did somebody say fire?  Oh right that brings me to my whole point in today’s post.  The fireplace…

With Memorial Day and Independence Day behind us, it was time to dismantle the patriotic mantel.

The bricks are still painted brick-red and I still dislike it.  I haven’t decided what to do about it just yet. 

But let’s talk about the theme of the mantel.  As we approach the 2nd half of summer, I wanted to bring nature inside.  I had Ryan in mind because not only does he love the outdoors but we will be celebrating his birthday in the 2nd half of summer.  

On with the elements.  Let’s start from the ground up…

The fabulous retro suitcases from a recent hunt made their debut on the hearth.  They are meant to represent summer travel.  Ok I admit they are not any part of nature but they’re cool, right?  And I added some cacti to keep it natural.

The other side of the hearth is accented with a yellow banded snake plant in an antique egg basket.  The bland nursery pot is covered with a vintage burlap potato sack that I picked up.  I chose a snake plant because it is tolerant of interior light and low water.  Not that I plan to ignore it but you never know.  Oh and here’s a random factoid for ya.  The “yellow banded” version of a snake plant actually came to be from a mutation in breeding.  Since it was a pleasant mutation, growers kept it going!  And now we have yellow banded snake plants…

Remember the vintage birdhouse  that I picked up a few weeks ago?  I used wood glue to repair the broken pieces and now it is a welcoming home for summer birds…in the living room.  The birdhouse is accented with some birch branches from our tree primarily because I needed a lighter color in the display and also because I wanted to add some height.  The birch’s texture was just a bonus to the natural display.


There are quite a few moss elements on the mantel.  Ryan has been into moss lately and keeps suggesting that we grow it.  I thought that bringing some moss green decor in might curb his moss enthusiasm for now. 

I picked up these oversized faux-moss flowers at Michael’s earlier in the summer.  At the time, they were 2/3 off so I literally got 3 for the price of 1.  I wasn’t sure what I’d use them for then but the color and shape were just too fun to pass up.  Now they are arranged in and among an old glass bottle that was in my vase collection.

There’s been a lot of hub-bub in the blog world lately around moss wreaths.  I decided I wanted my own!  It was totally easy to assemble. 

Here’s how…

  • Pick up an 18 inch floral foam wreath and a moss 4 foot “table runner” from Michael’s.  It is preserved real moss and smells like chemicals at first.  
  • Cut the table runner in half length wise.
  • Cut those in half again so you have 4- 4 foot x 3 inch strips of moss. 
  • Then wrap evenly around the wreath and hot glue the ends as needed.   If you wish, accent however you want!  The moss balls and pinecones are  simply placed in the wreath – no glue.

It wouldn’t be a summer theme without a hint of the beach.  We picked up the perfectly muted driftwood on a recent coastal walk.  There are a few green glass globes randomly filled with decorative shells that I’ve had in my craft drawer for years. 

The entire display is dotted with pinecones that I collected from neighborhood trees.  Who says pinecones can only be used in Christmas displays?

Did you guys notice my secret mantel message?  Look closely.

XO.  Hugs and Kisses for Ryan’s birthday!  Cheesy, I know but the branches and wreath just say it all.

XO my summer lovin’ friends! XO

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